Acker Wines Fall Wine Workshop Spotlight: Harlan Estate Vertical Dinner at Porter House

Acker Wines Fall Wine Workshop Spotlight: Harlan Estate Vertical Dinner at Porter House

Ever wonder about the history of your favorite wine or want to know more about a specific producer or region? We’ve got you covered. Our Wine Workshops are orchestrated by our expert staff and allow you to experience some of the finest wines produced across the globe. And we do them up right. Each of our wine workshops features specific wine producers, regions, or vintages and allows you to experience carefully prepared tastings to indulge your palate complimented with menus prepared by some of New York City’s finest restaurants.

Custom Workshops Available

Individually tailored custom workshop events are also available. We bring the expertise, wine, glasses, and literature and you bring the guests. Pick the vintages, producers, or regions of your choice, and we’ll make sure the event is beyond memorable and absolutely interesting and informative.

2018 Fall Wine Workshop Kickoff

Acker Merrall & Condit will offer an extensive vertical tasting of Harlan Estate wines in September. Considered one of the original cult wines, Acker is pleased to offer the opportunity for you to identify production year contributions across an extensive Harlan vertical.

Some of the best wines in California are made in the Oakville section of the Napa Valley, and Harlan Estate wines top the list. These wines have achieved worldwide acclaim and are regular features at auctions. You can expect the best vintage to top $1000 a bottle.

This workshop will not only allow you to sample an extensive Harlan Estate vertical, but you’ll also indulge in a delectable dinner at one of the best steakhouses in New York.

Join in the Fun

The workshop takes place at Porter House, 10 Columbus Circle, NY, NY 10019, on Wednesday, September 12, 2018. For more information about the vintages that will be tasted and to RSVP, visit